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Wood Finish

To obtain this highly sophisticated finishes our artists spend hours applying light touches of distress and the highest quality dye stains and high-performance lacquers. The result is a piece of furniture that will look unique and will stand out no matter the environment.
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This made in USA fabric is our most popular fabric! It is a sophisticated and subtle blend of tones, hues, and textures of a new generation of high-tech American made yarns. The fabric is weaved in an intricate basket weave design, giving it an organic, natural appearance. This distinctive fabric is tailor made to work in any configuration of furniture d├ęcor given its versatile styling and can be used for upholstered headboards, ottomans, pillows, sofas, and chairs.
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We source our exclusive velvets from different parts of the world. These fabrics are soft, extremely durable and feature beautiful colors. Our Modern velvet collection is made in 100% polyester giving it maximum durability, yet extreme softness and color depth. This fabric measures 100,000 double rubs on the abrasion test making the Prima velvet one of the most durable fabrics we offer and an ideal candidate in both commercial and residential application where durability is imperative. Modern velvet comes available in several different colors.
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